Short Story!

Sugar Dosa

The first actual chunk of content I posted is a short story called “Sugar Dosa”! If you need a little context, dosa is a common South Indian dish made of fermented rice and lentils and it’s super delicious. I wrote this story from a place of deep worry and ambition; it touches upon themes like family honor and legacy. It is also an attempt to grapple with both my Asian and American identities. In my head, both cultures are welded together in a distinct, familiar, yet awkward fashion.

I hope to post more content in the next week; I’m working on publishing a zine and recording a power yoga class. So if you like original media or if you want a small, annoying, sassy Indian girl to give you a workout or yell at you for approximately an hour, stay tuned!

#asianamerican #pocart #orginialfemalecontent

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