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Tomcat Yoga

Open-Level Vinyasa Core/Pelvic Floor Awareness Pranayama Deep Tissue Manipulation Abhyanga/Thailam – A focus on LGBTQ+ themes, trauma informed instruction, and space to explore identity in the context of self-care as a person of color.


Tomcat Yoga is: Yoga + Ayurveda + An independent literary publishing company. Tomcat Yoga is what I call my practice, which includes the scope very deep mobility work. Physical mobility is affected by a number of factors, the factor most neglected being emotional expression/release.

Besides asana (physical movements) other limbs of yoga such as deep concentration or meditation can only be accessed through creative endeavors (guided meditation, writing, even photography and performance). I will address stubborn mobility issues with physical posture work as well as deep tissue manipulation (a little more intense than massage, similar to pressure point therapy). I also make handcrafted Ayurvedic medicated oils (known as thailams) to accompany muscle work. The oil making process is long and includes the water soluble + fat soluble nutrients of over 20 traditional herbs.

For students doing meditative work, if it is their wish, Tomcat Yoga aims to publish student stories in a physical volume, photograph art installation/series, and showcase any performances. Some of the pages on this website are examples of student work or short stories I have written. A daily yoga practice, self care routine, and artistic expression is a human right and necessity.

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