Yoga, Art Projects, and Existential Dread

Sequences, short stories, photographs, zines, essays, recordings, drawings, paintings. If you can’t sleep, you’re in the right place. Youtube: Tomcat Yoga Tiktok: @tomcatyoga IG: @tomcatyogaandpublishingco

Tomcat Yoga Zoom Schedule:

Monday-Friday, 12pm


Open-Level Vinyasa

Tomcat Yoga

Open Level Vinyasa classes, with a focus on LGBTQ+ themes, trauma informed instruction, and space to explore identity in the context of self-care as a person of color.


Tomcat Yoga and Publishing Company is a vinyasa yoga studio and independent literary publishing company. At Tomcat Yoga, we integrate art therapy in the form of performance art/creative writing with the principles of yoga. The goal is to encourage healthy mental and physical health practices that yogis can carry with themselves for a lifetime. Using writing workshops, monologues, self-portraiture/photography, dance, sculpture/design and monologues as tools, yogis get a detailed practice in the other limbs of yoga besides the poses, asana.

If it is the yogi’s wish, Tomcat Yoga aims to publish every story in a physical volume, photograph every art installation/series, and showcase any performances. Tomcat Yogis will develop a deeper physical practice with our affordable (sometimes free!) vinyasa yoga classes, and have the opportunity to address trauma/mental health through the creative arts. With every year that passes, we begin to dismantle the capitalist system that “good” art falls under. Art is no more a luxury, but a practical necessity, made by everyday people. Made by more people of color. Made by minorities. Tomcat Yoga’s mission is grow an entire library of our community’s work: to put the power of story back in the people’s hands. Our dharma (life purpose) is to give voice and space to the voiceless and spaceless. Believe it or not, a daily yoga practice, self care routine, and artistic expression is a human right and necessity.

Tomcat Yoga is in its baby stages, but growing quickly! For now, I teach by example and archive my own experiences. Soon, I will be archiving students’ work and organized events. On this website you will find a display of all the work I produce so far.

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